• Artweaver Team improvements

    We are happy to announce some improvements of Artweaver Team which should it make easier using it. There are the following feature improvements with the latest Artweaver Team update:

    • The invitation of friends to a running session has been extended so that now a message can be added to the invitation email sent out. Additionally the invitation email now has a AWTeam file attached which can be used to directly connect to the session if Artweaver is already installed (by a simple double click on it)


    • Sessions in the personal gallery can now be deleted so that they no longer appear in the personal and public gallery anymore


    • The Overview and Profile pages show more details like used space, an avatar preview and some statistical information
    • Artweaver Team now uses by default HTTPS encryption when logging in and while being logged in to protect personal data and to secure the communication between browsers and the Artweaver Team servers


    We hope you enjoy those feature improvements and if there are any open questions, check out the help articles or contact us.

  • Improved Artweaver Team integration

    You may have it already seen but since version 4.5 the integration of Artweaver with Artweaver Team has been improved a lot. Those improvements will make it much easier to work with an Artweaver Team session which means starting, importing and connecting to it.

    So how the improved integration does now looks like in Artweaver?
    • The Connect to Team dialog has been redesigned a bit and allows now to import the connection details of your own session from Artweaver Team without entering it by hand


    • If you click on My Team in the Connect to Team dialog and currently no session is running, you can easily start one by clicking the link in the message


    • By clicking on the palette menu arrow of the Team palette and choosing Connect to Team your default browser will open with the Start new session page on Artweaver Team


    • The Artweaver Team Exporter Plug-In is now included in the default Artweaver installation which allows you to upload documents to Artweaver Team and start them as a new session afterwards


    Of course those improvements will only work seamlessly after you have entered once your Artweaver Team account details in the Artweaver preferences. Afterwards Artweaver will always use them automatically in the background to login if you choose a command which is linked to Artweaver Team without prompting you for a login or displaying a message.


  • Artweaver Free and Plus 4.5.1 available

    An update for Artweaver Free and Plus 4 to version 4.5.1 is now available. You will get this update automatically over the Artweaver self update feature the next days.

    This version includes the following improvements and fixes
    • Reading of corrupt AWD files improved
    • Impasto support in various tools improved
    • PSD read error handling improved
    • Applying of minimum size during painting improved
    • Capturing of presets improved
    • Online update improved
    • Smaller program interface improvements
    • Error when reading grouped layers in AWD file format fixed
    • Error in difference and reduce saturation brush category with existing selection fixed
    • Error when cloning from background to normal layer fixed
    • Error in loading move tool settings fixed

  • Automatic recovery of documents after a crash / hang

    One of the new handy features in Artweaver 4.5 is an automatic recovery of all opened documents after Artweaver has been unexpected quit. This feature is only activated in very rare situations when Artweaver crashes or hangs but then it is very helpful. By default Artweaver saves the status (or more precise only its events) of all opened documents every 10 minutes but this can be changed in the application preferences to the own needs.


    Should Artweaver really stop working during editing documents, all opened documents from the last recovery information are restored on next Artweaver startup. This is completely done automatically by replaying all events of each document and after finishing a notification message is shown.


    Of course we are always working on improving the stability of Artweaver in every situation but on a crash / hang no more (big) work loss should happen with version 4.5 or later.

  • Artweaver Free and Plus 4.5 available

    We are happy to announce the availability of Artweaver 4.5 Free and Plus. Artweaver 4.5 is an interim version of Artweaver 4 with some new features and many improvements of existing features. This update is free for all Artweaver 4 users and you will get this update automatically over the Artweaver self update feature the next days.

    New Features
    • integration improved
    • Artweaver Team Uploader Plug-In added to default setup
    • Automatic saving of recovery information added
    • Perspective grid support to AWD file format added *
    • Support for rotated view to guides and grid added *
    • Character limits for many preset names removed
    • Clone color support for pixel, hairy brush and imagestamp brushes added *
    • Merge opacity expression added *
    • Impasto quality improved
    • Color variability quality improved
    • PSD file format support improved *
    • Support of layer groups in AWD file format improved
    • Custom icon saving improved *
    • Various program interface improvements
    • Minor performance improvements *
    • Not working color picker from full preview in curves and levels filter fixed *
    • Missing transparency support in color range command fixed
    • 1 pixel border when using hairy brush brushes fixed *
    * only Artweaver Plus