• Small feature improvements

    With the last update to Artweaver Team we have improved some features to make it more easier to use Artweaver Team.

    • Added ability to edit gallery item title and description directly without hiding and adding items again to the gallery. Just select Edit gallery item from the pop-up menu of a item on your personal gallery page to change the title and description.


    • Additional predefined document size presets have been added when starting a new session. This makes it easier to select a preferred document size instead of entering the width and height for the document each time by hand.


    If you have any questions, check out the help pages or contact us.

  • Artweaver Free and Plus 3.1.4 available

    An update for Artweaver Free and Plus 3.0 to version 3.1.4 is now available. You will get this update automatically over the Artweaver self update feature the next days.

    This update includes the following improvements / fixes
    • Captured quality of brushes export improved
    • Brushes import result message improved
    • Wrong brush method and category during ABR brush import fixed
    • Minimum size of custom palette improved *
    • Palette handling improved
    • Straight Line mode of brush tool improved *
    • Error in glow filter from filter gallery fixed *
    • Error reports: 292035286, 2007886174
    * only Artweaver Plus

  • Danish language file updated

    Thanks to the help of Christian B. the Danish language file for Artweaver has been updated. This update improves the naming of brushes where some brushes have been renamed to make more sense in Danish language.

    The updated Danish language file and many other language files for Artweaver can be directly downloaded from the Artweaver homepage.