• Introducing Artweaver Team Gallery

    We're proud to announce that now a public gallery is available on Artweaver Team where all users can show their session results to everyone. This new feature is for free and visible to every registered Artweaver Team user after the next login.


    The personal Artweaver Team gallery is accessible for everyone by entering an address like Team.

    How to use it?
    A new image in the gallery is instantly visible on your personal gallery page with a single click in the Artweaver Team web interface. Just click on the Show button under the preview in the session history list after a session has been stopped. You can also enter a tittle and description of the image which is shown on your gallery page too.


    If there are any open questions, check out the help pages or contact us. Also don't miss to check out the latest images added to the Artweaver Team gallery on this page.

  • System maintenance December 17

    We will do some software updates on our infrastructure this Saturday beginning at 11:00 CET. This means that some of the servers will be unavailable for some time, until one hour. We will be posting updates in this article:

    • 11:00 CET: The servers are going down
    • 11:07 CET: First servers are updated
    • 11:12 CET: All servers are updated
    • 11:23 CET: All servers are up and running, done

  • Artweaver 3.0 is out now

    The closed beta test for the next Artweaver major version has been finished and now you can enjoy the result. Artweaver Free and Plus, both in version 3.0, are now available incl. support for Artweaver Team. This also means that Artweaver Team is out of beta and available to everyone. If you still encounter an issue or there is a feature missing, please contact us. We are always open for new ideas... BTW you can get more information about the changes in Artweaver Plus 3.0 by visiting this page.

  • Connecting to teams simplified

    With today's update to Artweaver Team it's much more easier to connect to a team within Artweaver. Instead of entering each time Connect-ID and Password of a team, you can now download an AWTeam file which can be opened in Artweaver:


    Those AWTeam files tell Artweaver all needed details to connect to a certain team. You finally only have to enter your Username and press Connect to establish a team connection.

  • Web interface polish

    You may have recognized that the appearance of Artweaver Team has slightly been improved. Now the right font is used to show text and also some images were updated. If you still encounter an issue or Artweaver Team is not shown properly on your desktop, please contact us.