• Artweaver Team improvements

    We are happy to announce some improvements of Artweaver Team which should it make easier using it. There are the following feature improvements with the latest Artweaver Team update:

    • The invitation of friends to a running session has been extended so that now a message can be added to the invitation email sent out. Additionally the invitation email now has a AWTeam file attached which can be used to directly connect to the session if Artweaver is already installed (by a simple double click on it)


    • Sessions in the personal gallery can now be deleted so that they no longer appear in the personal and public gallery anymore


    • The Overview and Profile pages show more details like used space, an avatar preview and some statistical information
    • Artweaver Team now uses by default HTTPS encryption when logging in and while being logged in to protect personal data and to secure the communication between browsers and the Artweaver Team servers


    We hope you enjoy those feature improvements and if there are any open questions, check out the help articles or contact us.