• Artweaver Plus 5.1 is out now

    Artweaver Plus 5.1 is a free feature update for all Artweaver Plus 5 users which adds support for touch screens and an optimized user interface for 2in1 devices.

    2in1 device support
    Artweaver Plus detects if it is running on a 2in1 device and automatically adjusts the user interface if the device is switched to tablet mode where just touch input is available. In this special mode only important controls for tools are shown which are bigger and optimized to be used with fingers on touch screens.

    Touch support
    Artweaver Plus now detects well known touch gestures and applies them. This not only works in the new introduced optimized user interface for 2in1 devices but also in the regular user interface as long as there is a touch screen available.

    For more details and screenshots check out the Artweaver Plus 5.1 release announcement.